Product Design Awards

Only For Great Product Designs; The Product Design Awards Is An Opportunity to Promote Your Products and to Receive The Widest Possible Publicity and Attention From The Design Oriented Media Including Lifestyle Magazines

Product Design Awards recognize the best of the Fast Moving Consumer Products and Packaged Consumer Goods Industries; the very best FMCG packaging designs, interesting and trendy new products are highlighted together with the products identities. The <Cropped>

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Mario J Lotti-Cocktail Table

At Design Interviews

Interview with Mario J Lotti : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Mario J Lotti : It is to create a beautiful cocktail table that doesn't take over a room while also being compatible with a number <Cropped>

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Award Winning Rising Moon Pavilion

Daydreamers Design Discloses The Rising Moon Pavilion

Daydreamers Design, the designer of the award winning design Award Winning Rising Moon Pavilion explains, Rising Moon is a temporary pavilion designed to serve as an anchor attraction during the 2013 Hong Kong Mid-Autumn Festival. It re-interpret tra <Cropped>

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World Design Hub

World Design Hub Is a Global Designation Given to a Single City Each Year to Promote and Create Awareness For Good Design

Organized by IAD, the International Association of Design, the World Design Hub designation is given annually to a city where good design practices and principles will be promoted through organization of design activities such as international design <Cropped>

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Heloise Rajkumari-Follow Me Sculptural Vase

At Design Interviews

Interview with Heloise Rajkumari : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Heloise Rajkumari : The main idea is to design a vase which aids in flower arrangement and also improves the post harvest life of cu <Cropped>

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Hooks by José Leite

José Leite Spotlights The Hooks Coat Hanger

José Leite, the designer of the awarded work Coat Hanger by José Leite illustrates, Simple and practical, Hooks represents a design where form follows function. One of the main concerns of the designer was creating a product that was cost effective <Cropped>

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Lg Ultrawide Festival 2016: Dream Canvas

Submit Any Original Artwork in 21:9 Ratio With a Motif Inspired by Lg Ultrawide Monitors

Submit any original artwork in 21:9 ratio with a motif inspired by lg ultrawide monitors.

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Make Your Design Business Grow

Get Your Best Work in The Awards to Attract Prospective Clients, Press Members and Design Oriented Audiences Towards Your Design

There are only a few hours left before your chance to enter, and maybe win otherwise the Design Awards is gone for another year. If you have finishing touches to add to your entry, you can do so during this period. If you haven’t even started your <Cropped>

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Disruptive Innovation in Design Awards

How a Design Award Achieved What Other 50 Year Old Awards Could Not Achieve Within 5 Years

They were created 50 years ago, world prestigious, famous competitions they were, charging for entries as well as a post-winner package that costs as much as 10 times the entry fees. In 2009 when the A' Design Award and Competition was first or <Cropped>

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Da Creativity Awards

End of Submissions Coming Up For Da Creativity Awards, Designamid Design News Magazine Is Calling For Entries in Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Photography, Industrial Design, Architecture and Interior Design

Participants who submit to the Design Amid competition may submit their entries in English. Experts who are experienced in design will sit on the online jury panel and evaluate these works. The DesignAmid Creativity Award is one of the most professio <Cropped>

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