We Are Ecosystem by Pt Sam Indonesia/Sam Cgi

Pt Sam Indonesia/Sam Cgi Creates The We Are Ecosystem Corporate Film

PT SAM Indonesia / SAM CGI, the creative mind behind the highlighted project Corporate Film:We Are Ecosystem by PT SAM Indonesia / SAM CGI spells out, This corporate film was created as part of marketing communication for Minna Padi, one of well know <Cropped>

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Pop-Up Gym:nike+ Run Club On Huaihai by Coordination Asia

Coordination Asia Reveals The Nike+ Run Club On Huaihai Pop-Up Gym

Coordination Asia, the creator of the displayed design Nike+ Run Club on Huaihai - Pop-up Gym by Coordination Asia explicates, When it comes to grabbing the attention of customers, nothing beats a shareable, livable, one-of-a-kind experience. The n <Cropped>

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Spring World Campus Masters [2015-2019] Selective Graduation Design Program 2020

Show Your Graduation Design

Show your graduation design.

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Private Residence & Art Gallery:art Collector's House by Vakis Hadjikyriacou

Vakis Hadjikyriacou Demonstrates The Art Collector's House Private Residence & Art Gallery

Vakis Hadjikyriacou, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Private Residence & Art Gallery:Art Collector's House by Vakis Hadjikyriacou says, The architecture of this house was determined by the hybrid brief that was assigned to it <Cropped>

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Facade Lighting:office Tower by Studio Illumine

Studio Illumine Shares The Office Tower Facade Lighting

Studio Illumine, the designer of the award winning project Facade Lighting by Studio Illumine says, The concept of One Cube – One Reflection was the source of inspiration in façade lighting of a 20-floor commercial office tower in CaoHeJing, Sha <Cropped>

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Interior Design:fashion Designer's Workshop in Changsha by Martin Chow

Martin Chow Shows The Fashion Designer's Workshop in Changsha Interior Design

Martin Chow, the maker of the awarded project Interior Design by Martin Chow says, The newly finished demonstration unit incorporates a showroom, gallery, designer's workshop, meeting area, bar, brain-storming balcony, washroom and fitting room <Cropped>

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Rebrand by Cynda Media Lab

Cynda Media Lab Shares The Gund Visual Identity System Design Rebrand

Cynda Media Lab, the creator of the displayed work Rebrand:GUND Visual Identity System Design by Cynda Media Lab demonstrates, GUND was known in the industry as the first teddy bear manufacturer in the US to truly capture emotion and facial expressio <Cropped>

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Magen David Synagogue by Cherem Arquitectos

Cherem Arquitectos Spotlights The Magen David Synagogue Religious Building

Cherem Arquitectos, the creator of the displayed work Cherem Arquitectos's Magen David Synagogue Religious Building explains, As an ensemble of boxes of different material qualities, with distinct ritualistic purposes, the Synagogue comes togeth <Cropped>

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Hansha Reflection House-Residential House by Studio Sklim

Studio Sklim Portrays The Hansha Reflection House Residential House

Studio Sklim, the project leader of the award winning design Award Winning Hansha Reflection House Residential House spells out, Hansha Reflection House is a specific residence for a specific site, set to address the ephemeral moments of the surround <Cropped>

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Pei-ching Su and Tsai-ying Wu's Stylish Interior Design, Office

Pei-ching Su and Tsai-ying Wu Presents The Stylish Interior Design, Office

Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu, the project leader of the displayed work Stylish - Interior Design, office by Pei-Ching Su and Tsai-Ying Wu demonstrates, The architecture-oriented concept delineates the spaces for different floors, and the concept of <Cropped>

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