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All In One Experience Consumption

The "All In One Experience Consumption" project is a Big Data Infographic showing information such as the purpose, type, and consumption of visitors to complex shopping malls. The main contents are composed of three representative Insights derived from the analysis of the Big Data, and they are arranged from top to bottom according to the order of importance. The graphics are done using isometric techniques and are grouped into using the representative color of each subject.

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On Italian Arts

This book is totally based on the author's experiences and reflections on the Italian plastic arts (architecture, sculpture, painting)and design. Starting from the art classes at the University of Florence and the Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, the author constructed an art schema of the Etruscan cultural towns through field trips to more than 50 distinctive towns and over 200 churches and museums in northern, central and southern Italy. The author felt the unique charm of the fresco art, and finally rebuilt the impression of Italy with Chinese ink paintings.

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ZhuZi Art

A series of book editions for the collected works of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting is published by Nanjing Zhuzi Art Museum. With its long history and elegant technique, the traditional Chinese paintings and calligraphy are treasured for their highly artistic and practical appeal. When designing the collection, abstract shapes, colors, and lines were used to create a consistent sensuality and highlight the blank space in the sketch. The effortless coincides with artists in traditional painting and calligraphy styles.

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Beyond the Blue

It is a feature of this book to introduce various looks of the sea through the distinguishing colors of each chapter. For example, the green color chip symbolizes a healthy sea forest, while the red color chip shows dark side of a sea filled with whale blood. Like this, the color chips introduced in each chapter are used to express the bright and dark side of the sea symbolically. This book was printed on soybean oil ink with low environmental pollution on 100g matte paper and thread bound to reduce bond usage.

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Lei Shing Hong Forest Food Court

Forest Food Court is a food court located in the office building designed by Famous Japanese architect Kuma Kengo in Beijing. The core concept of the architecture is “Forest in the city.” The branding and the 6m*150m huge wall art emerged from the concept. Delightful graphics and loosing strokes bring a relax, organic yet urban flow through the serious office building. The sub-abstract illustration balanced the atmosphere of the office and avoid of been too childish or cute.

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To A Creative Year Ahead

Dating back to 14th Century(B.C), Chinese New Year is the most historic festivals in Asia. A time for celebrations, loved ones traditionally gift each other with wishes of wealth and fortune. Never endeavoured before, we extend the theme of creativity to Chinese New Year, revamping traditional wishes of ‘blooming wealth’ and ‘lucky abundance’ into innovative wishes for a Creative New Year. Beginning with the red pockets, the designs originate atop traditional shades of red and gold into a contemporary palette of vibrancy, whimsical and witty in its expressions, celebrating creativity.

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