Bird Nest Jewelry-Jewelry by Sima Foroutanzadeh

Sima Foroutanzadeh Shows The Bird Nest Jewelry Jewelry

Sima Foroutanzadeh, the author of the displayed project Award Winning Bird Nest Jewelry Jewelry points out, Bird nest jewelry is consisted of a golden ring and a golden pendant with a pearl in the middle of them. Bird's nest is an inspiration for that. But the similarity is not just in the form, it is also in the concept. Jewelry is a valuable object for the owner, as a chick is important for its mother. The pearl that is used in the jewelry is a metaphor of the bird's egg. These tow decorative objects have a message: Preserve the environment like birds and their eggs. This inovartive artwork can have a positive influance on people to protect the environment more and more. .

Bird Nest Jewelry-Jewelry by Sima Foroutanzadeh Images:


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