Landscape of Namwon-Candlestick by Namgwon Lyu

Namgwon Lyu Presents The Landscape of Namwon Candlestick

Namgwon Lyu, the author of the award winning design Award Winning Landscape of Namwon Candlestick explains, The design of this work is very similar to the landscape of a small town called Namwon in Korea. The design was started from the appearance of the trees growing in the mountains and fields of Namwon, and the color was finished with the traditional Korean paint and the modern design was completed. From the past to the present, it has been unfolded with a candle holder made of traditional colors and a brass support made with modern processing technology. The candlestick can add or remove brass parts inside to accommodate various sizes..

Landscape of Namwon-Candlestick by Namgwon Lyu Images:


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